By the sea

The cold bright weather has been fantastic for walks – like this wonderful coastal promenade near Solidere that my in-laws introduced us to.

beirut downtown promenade

a small boy against a big backdrop

Just head north of the Beirut Souks across a bit of wasteland and some heaps of gravel, past the little guard hut with the guard feeding a cat, until you get to a stick man reaching for the sky. In the middle of nowhere, but in the centre of town.

stick man downtown beirut

stick man

3 Responses to “By the sea”

  1. Chrissy says:

    I hope the weather stays fantastic- I’m leaving for Beirut in 2 days!

  2. nad says:

    the stick man is part of a larger installation by architect Nadim Karam:!sect=42&grp=4&id=4&pic=1
    was very interesting at the time… but now, it seems to have fallen into oblivion. But the work is still doing what it was originally conceived for.

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