Nationwide Firewall?

I just witnessed some funny behaviour on my Ogero Internet connection. Any website I hit would return a message saying that access was denied due to “policy” and invites me to contact Ogero for assistance. I called Ogero and they immediately acknowledged the problem and said they were working on fixing it.

Fair enough. But I can’t help but think they’re installing some kind of nationwide firewall filtering what web sites we may or may not visit. There has been much talk about the “Great Firewall of China”. Is Lebanon following in China’s footsteps? Once they sort out their configuration so that the established policy rules don’t block all sites indiscriminately, I wonder what sites will remain censored.

Has anyone else out there faced similar problems with their Internet connection?

4 Responses to “Nationwide Firewall?”

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  2. Eliedh says:

    If you check Ogero’s site, you can see that they are advertising for new a “parental protection” system. So I guess they were testing it you got this error! Let’s just hope they don’t use that to create a “Nationwide firewall”

  3. nad says:

    You are lucky to be living in Beirut and enjoying all the priviledges that comes with it, and by priviledges I mean the availability of an internet connection!

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