Streets of Beirut I

There are many beautiful sights in Lebanon, from the rugged Qadisha valley, with reclusive monasteries nestled in its steep sides, to the glistening cascades of mineral deposits in Jeita Caves. But the sights which best capture the essence of Lebanon are those found walking in the street.

shisha boy on coffee break

Every Friday, inspired by the daily hit of façades and architectural detail provided by Beirut Pursuit and the Window on Wednesday sequence by Sietske in Beiroet, a new street view will go on online featuring life at street-level. My regular posts will usually appear on Mondays.

4 Responses to “Streets of Beirut I”

  1. Jennifer Borel says:

    I have been looking for this for some time now.
    I used to live in Beirut in the Sixties as I was working in the show at the Casino du Liban!
    I have great memories of the place! In 1965 I got married at the Catholic Cathedral on rue Hamra (the one with the steps)
    I’m looking forward to connecting with your blog!
    Jen Borel.

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