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  1. SIetske says:

    Wow! Impressive. It’s the first time I’m on your blog, but it’s excellent!! I’m going to send it on to Liliana (Lebanon Blog Aggregator) if you don’t mind, it’s so well done!. So you have a passion for windows and doors as well, he? I think we should do something, you’re the 3rd person showing me excellent pictures. What is it with windows?

    • Thanks Sietske – I think Lebanese architecture is just special, so stately… at least what’s left before it all gets bulldozed for more high rises. Every time I see one of these neglected but elegant shells, I want to buy it and do it up – all of them. Let’s make the most of it while we can anyway.

    • nicole says:

      Windows are the soul of the house. They hide so many secrets. At least this is how I see them I am also a fanatic about windows and doors, and I actually had a whole exhibition on that . My ehibition was entitled the stone and its tale, and the photos were taken in lebanon since 1990 on. I would love to discuss that with you if you are interested.

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