Streets of Beirut XV

man selling strawberries

man on a mission

It doesn’t matter if the Lebanese are driving a Hummer with extra lights and tinted windows or if they’re pushing a cart of strawberries, they have an innate sense of their own right of passage. They exist therefore they have right of way. The cart would not be intimidated by the Hummer, either. The road belongs to all of us, not to everybody else, which is a good angle to view things from.

2 Responses to “Streets of Beirut XV”

  1. ruth says:

    I was in Beirut for just a short time, but my impression of the traffic was that it was a big race! It was as if everyone was in a sprint to see who could reach their destination first, regardless of whether it was urgent or not!

  2. Danielle says:

    Another fantastic shot! You’re on a roll!

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