Streets of Beirut XVI

nuts streets of beirut

heaps of nuts like untopped balusters

This scene highlights two qualities always shown in food here: the profusion and the visual display. The minimalism of western restaurants hasn’t caught on here, fortunately. Frequently at the vegetable shop the beefy grocer behind his old-style scales raises his eyebrows at my huge bush-like bunch of coriander and says “Only one?” My few limes he throws in for a song – they hardly register against his large weights. Then he gets back to making pretty colour-coded piles of peppers and lining the cucumbers up in geometric formation. For the purists, this shot is from Baouchriye, not Beirut.

One Response to “Streets of Beirut XVI”

  1. Jason says:

    Nice photo and post, Georgia.

    You coriander experience reminds me of every time I bought garlic in Cusco, Peru. I’d want only a clove but the old lady would shake her head and tell me I needed to buy more, to meet the weight minimum.


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